MIndy Woodhead


Mindy Woodhead is an actress and a gypsy. Mindy has an MFA from Harvard and the Moscow Art Theatre where she studied the greats with some of the greatest theatre practitioners in the world. Mindy had traveled and performed all over the globe, from Sarah Kane in Moscow to playing a Goddess as an aerialist in Italy and performing in equity theatres all around the states. In 2007 she left the United States be a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco, where she worked with female artisans in a rural community to help develop a self-sustaining. Before returning to the states, she found herself traveling through Kenya, Uganda, Qatar, Japan, and Mexico. She currently lives, teaches and performs in Las Vegas, NV. Please journey through the site to see photos of her work and travels, read her Moroccan blog and to find clues of where you might see her next.


Mindy Woodhead is currently starring in The Flu Season by the brilliant Will Eno. Please visit cockroachtheatre.com for more details!


Please click here to see her theatre resume.